Guess where?

FORGIVE ME, whoever is out there reading this, for the lack of updates. Between idiotically spilling water all over my macbook and thus breaking it and leaving for an overseas trip where I was without a computer and very limited on wifi, I was unable to access the world of ze internet. But it was amazing to live without internet for over a week, relaxing, taking siestas, roaming a whole new country. These are two of many polaroids I took during the trip - Guess where? I'll update soon with more pictures from the trip, keep ya guessing a little bit more ;) 



Blue jeans and a white tee : an outfit that will never let you down. I love the contrast provided by the subtle girly bows to an otherwise relaxed, tomboy-ish outfit. /  From Current Elliot Spring 2012 Collection

This picture also reminds me of exciting travel plans coming up with two girlfriends.. Hurah for denim and tees, hurah for girlfriends, and hurrraaaah for traveling! Will keep you all posted. In the meantime, hope you all survive the heat and stay happy! Here is a positive tune to chill out to (Constant Surprises by Little Dragon)