Resort '13

The last week, I've been checking up on style.com on the daily to check out all the new resort '13 collection releases. In my personal opinion, Valentino and Givenchy topped all the other designers by a mile. Valentino collection has a distinct feminine undertone and while none of them are pictured here, the bright colors gave the traditional cuts a modern twist. Givenchy, on the other hand, is far from "pretty" and "girly"; the geometric patterns that prevail throughout the collection is a work of fierce art, and the edgy structure of the design is mind blowing. While the two gowns pictured above are breathtaking, the items below are ones that I'd love to incorporate into my daily uniform in the upcoming season. Feel free to send 'em my way -

Check it out for yourselves (be prepared to be blown awaaaay):

all images courtesy of style.com


Net-a-Porter Sale

(Alexander Wang Silk Racerback 50% Off, Miu Miu Slouchy Silk Crepe Pants 40% Off, Calvin Klein Racerback Bra 40% Off, Stella McCartney Two Toned Stain Heels 40% Off, Mulberry Lizard-Effect Leather Bag 40% Off,  D&G Clip Earrings 30% Off - All images via Net-a-Porter website) 

It's that time of the year: The Net-a-Porter Sale. Terrible for your wallets and bank accounts, uplifting for the soul. I've put together this chic outfit just from their extensive sales section, which includes some of fashion's most coveted items and styles. This versatile outfit would be perfect from anything from brunch with the girls to a date night! If only.


KAFFNY: Come Hang!

As Jane and my joint project, The MerĂ©, suggests, we are both Korean-Americans. While both of us have spent most of our lives in the States, we have both always been greatly interested and influenced by our Korean heritage - in terms of culture, tradition, music, and especially food ;) - and believe that it is important for us to be connected to our roots. So when I discovered KAFFNY - Korean American Film Festival - through a friend who is the part of the team this year, we both signed up immediately to work as volunteers. 

The line-up features over 20 short films and 9 features, of which 6 are premiering at this event. 

Tickets could be purchased at eventbrite where they are being sold for 12$, but 10$ for students and seniors. The prices are a little cheaper your typical NYC movie ticket prices; but instead of just one, you can movie-hop all the cool films available and even come to the afterparties! I'm super excited to be a part of this event as a volunteer on Saturday (June 9th) and hope to see you all there!

KAFF's : Facebook / Twitter / Indiegogo / Home