Mada Primavesi by Gustav Klimt
My favorite looks from Valentino's S/S 13
Clear similarities


Sleep Deprived and Sorry

Hello blogsphere, is anyone out therrrr--eeeee?

Probably not because I haven't posted in forever. In between gathering myself from my vacation in Greece, packing for school, transitioning into the new environment, having some fun and also getting myself back in the student mindset ya-dee-ya, this blog has been sadly collecting dust. Right now I'm at my desk, still doing work after having conquered my first midterm (..and it's only September). This shall get rolling soon but 'till soon, here are a few vimeos that I love that provide some general knowledge and overall aesthetic loveliness on things I live off of in college.


Guess where?

FORGIVE ME, whoever is out there reading this, for the lack of updates. Between idiotically spilling water all over my macbook and thus breaking it and leaving for an overseas trip where I was without a computer and very limited on wifi, I was unable to access the world of ze internet. But it was amazing to live without internet for over a week, relaxing, taking siestas, roaming a whole new country. These are two of many polaroids I took during the trip - Guess where? I'll update soon with more pictures from the trip, keep ya guessing a little bit more ;) 



Blue jeans and a white tee : an outfit that will never let you down. I love the contrast provided by the subtle girly bows to an otherwise relaxed, tomboy-ish outfit. /  From Current Elliot Spring 2012 Collection

This picture also reminds me of exciting travel plans coming up with two girlfriends.. Hurah for denim and tees, hurah for girlfriends, and hurrraaaah for traveling! Will keep you all posted. In the meantime, hope you all survive the heat and stay happy! Here is a positive tune to chill out to (Constant Surprises by Little Dragon)


Resort '13

The last week, I've been checking up on style.com on the daily to check out all the new resort '13 collection releases. In my personal opinion, Valentino and Givenchy topped all the other designers by a mile. Valentino collection has a distinct feminine undertone and while none of them are pictured here, the bright colors gave the traditional cuts a modern twist. Givenchy, on the other hand, is far from "pretty" and "girly"; the geometric patterns that prevail throughout the collection is a work of fierce art, and the edgy structure of the design is mind blowing. While the two gowns pictured above are breathtaking, the items below are ones that I'd love to incorporate into my daily uniform in the upcoming season. Feel free to send 'em my way -

Check it out for yourselves (be prepared to be blown awaaaay):

all images courtesy of style.com


Net-a-Porter Sale

(Alexander Wang Silk Racerback 50% Off, Miu Miu Slouchy Silk Crepe Pants 40% Off, Calvin Klein Racerback Bra 40% Off, Stella McCartney Two Toned Stain Heels 40% Off, Mulberry Lizard-Effect Leather Bag 40% Off,  D&G Clip Earrings 30% Off - All images via Net-a-Porter website) 

It's that time of the year: The Net-a-Porter Sale. Terrible for your wallets and bank accounts, uplifting for the soul. I've put together this chic outfit just from their extensive sales section, which includes some of fashion's most coveted items and styles. This versatile outfit would be perfect from anything from brunch with the girls to a date night! If only.


KAFFNY: Come Hang!

As Jane and my joint project, The MerĂ©, suggests, we are both Korean-Americans. While both of us have spent most of our lives in the States, we have both always been greatly interested and influenced by our Korean heritage - in terms of culture, tradition, music, and especially food ;) - and believe that it is important for us to be connected to our roots. So when I discovered KAFFNY - Korean American Film Festival - through a friend who is the part of the team this year, we both signed up immediately to work as volunteers. 

The line-up features over 20 short films and 9 features, of which 6 are premiering at this event. 

Tickets could be purchased at eventbrite where they are being sold for 12$, but 10$ for students and seniors. The prices are a little cheaper your typical NYC movie ticket prices; but instead of just one, you can movie-hop all the cool films available and even come to the afterparties! I'm super excited to be a part of this event as a volunteer on Saturday (June 9th) and hope to see you all there!

KAFF's : Facebook / Twitter / Indiegogo / Home



The temperature has been creeping up, and I've woken up the past two mornings ..sweaty. It's safe to say that summer is here! As some of as you may know, I chopped off something like 10-plus inches in January. When I first cut my hair it was so short that I couldn't manage to get it in a ponytail, even, but now it's grown out quite a bit - it's pictured below, me sweating in my room.

In addition to it approaching an awkward length - not short but not long either, and look how my "uneven bob" has grown out into just an uneven... I don't even know - I've been inspired to change up my hair. Curly hair? Blonde? Ombre? Shave a part of it off? These beautiful women and their hair are the reasons why I've been itching to do something:
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Emily Weiss of ITG and her subtle shaved bottom, Vanessa Hong's colorful hair, Raych and her beachy curls, and the cutest girl with the cutest hair/lip color interviewed on ITG a few months back (her picture was one of the pictures that inspired me to cut my hair as well!) 
Definitely will keep you all updated on which (or a combination of?!) style I end up changing my hair to. Hope you all are staying cool!


Better Late Than Never...

Is a lame excuse for the (complete) lack of attention this blog has been getting. Unlike Jane who's been juggling all the baggage of school/midterms/finals/clubs/lifeingeneral, I've gotten myself caught up in the chaos... BUT good news is that as a product of the madness of life I've been juggling, I've got myself an opportunity to work at 3.1 Phillip Lim this summer as an intern! To say I'm excited would be an understatement. In celebration, I've collected my favorite looks from the recent S/S 2012 collection:

Liu Wen 

Varsha Thapa

Anais Mali

From the flowy pastel-colored, almost dainty outfit of Lui Wen to the super cool Denim vest (which many of my friends thought was odd, but I think is on the edge of supercool/genius) of Varsha Thapa, to the beautifully cut dress of Anais Mali, I think 3.1 Phillip Lim has the look for every girl to look modern and stylish. Also, the clear strapped shoes - can I get those?

(pictures credited to style.com)
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While browsing through pictures of street style aimlessly, I came across this picture of this boy... with the most amazing back pack ever. The quilted leather is so beautiful; as soon as I saw this, I searched all over the web for a leather backpack. While I failed to find any prime-quality quilted leather backpack like the one he's sporting, I did find a givenchy leather backpack on ssense.com... way out of my college girl budget. Guess I'll be sticking to my jansports for now.


F is for

loving the song and loving the groovy music video - with awesome, fun fashion - even more. check it out in full screen, it'll be a good four minutes of your time. 


Photo: Young Kate Moss

While browsing Nowness during a sleepless night (which now has turned to morning) I found myself looking at this. This shot of a young Kate Moss is so beautiful. The few other pictures of her in this article are beautiful as well, but I love this shot of her the most. Effortlessly beautiful, I wish.


New Year, New Hair!?

I haven't cut my hair for years - since 8th grade to be precise. There have been trims here and there, getting rid of the split ends, but it's been long since as long as I remember. I've been itching to chop it all off for a while now (probably since the summer) but always backed out last minute. But todaaaaaay was different. The result?!

Neither are great pictures but... my hair was near my waist, and now it barely touches my shoulders (I got a slightly unbalanced bob)

Hopefully I don't regret the decision!!

What is Narcobunny ?

Narcobunny is the combination of the words narcoleptic and bunny; I'm known for my endless pursuit of sleep anytime and anywhere, and apparently I resemble a bunny.

This blog was created as a personal outlet of my love for fashion and beauty - here, I'll be posting pictures of my personal life, fantasizing about the latest look from my dream designer, to reviewing my latest beauty purchase (weeee). But this blog is also a piece of a greater blog : The Mere. One of my closest girlfriends - Jane - and I were having one of our late night magazine and coffee dates when we both realized that we were both obsessed with all things fashion and beauty. We both are the kind of girls who online shop to procrastinate & read and follow beauty and fashion blogs religiously.

But we noticed that often times, much of the fashion / beauty industry and their consumers are viewed in a negative light: it is sometimes portrayed as an industry that feeds off greed, as a waste of money, as an unnecessary, gluttonous luxury. We both disagree: fashion and beauty - in all of its artful, cultural, brilliant glory - can also be an instrument in making the world a better place. The Mere will be dedicated to introducing, reviewing, and discovering fashion and beauty that is not only beautiful but is beneficial to the world, written by jane and myself. Right now it's getting ready for it's debut article but DO check back soon!

All serious talk aside, I am so excited to be able to share my personal outlook and experiences through this blog!!!!!!!! This is a start to something good :)

P.s. - happy new years !!