The temperature has been creeping up, and I've woken up the past two mornings ..sweaty. It's safe to say that summer is here! As some of as you may know, I chopped off something like 10-plus inches in January. When I first cut my hair it was so short that I couldn't manage to get it in a ponytail, even, but now it's grown out quite a bit - it's pictured below, me sweating in my room.

In addition to it approaching an awkward length - not short but not long either, and look how my "uneven bob" has grown out into just an uneven... I don't even know - I've been inspired to change up my hair. Curly hair? Blonde? Ombre? Shave a part of it off? These beautiful women and their hair are the reasons why I've been itching to do something:
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Emily Weiss of ITG and her subtle shaved bottom, Vanessa Hong's colorful hair, Raych and her beachy curls, and the cutest girl with the cutest hair/lip color interviewed on ITG a few months back (her picture was one of the pictures that inspired me to cut my hair as well!) 
Definitely will keep you all updated on which (or a combination of?!) style I end up changing my hair to. Hope you all are staying cool!


Better Late Than Never...

Is a lame excuse for the (complete) lack of attention this blog has been getting. Unlike Jane who's been juggling all the baggage of school/midterms/finals/clubs/lifeingeneral, I've gotten myself caught up in the chaos... BUT good news is that as a product of the madness of life I've been juggling, I've got myself an opportunity to work at 3.1 Phillip Lim this summer as an intern! To say I'm excited would be an understatement. In celebration, I've collected my favorite looks from the recent S/S 2012 collection:

Liu Wen 

Varsha Thapa

Anais Mali

From the flowy pastel-colored, almost dainty outfit of Lui Wen to the super cool Denim vest (which many of my friends thought was odd, but I think is on the edge of supercool/genius) of Varsha Thapa, to the beautifully cut dress of Anais Mali, I think 3.1 Phillip Lim has the look for every girl to look modern and stylish. Also, the clear strapped shoes - can I get those?

(pictures credited to style.com)
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