What is Narcobunny ?

Narcobunny is the combination of the words narcoleptic and bunny; I'm known for my endless pursuit of sleep anytime and anywhere, and apparently I resemble a bunny.

This blog was created as a personal outlet of my love for fashion and beauty - here, I'll be posting pictures of my personal life, fantasizing about the latest look from my dream designer, to reviewing my latest beauty purchase (weeee). But this blog is also a piece of a greater blog : The Mere. One of my closest girlfriends - Jane - and I were having one of our late night magazine and coffee dates when we both realized that we were both obsessed with all things fashion and beauty. We both are the kind of girls who online shop to procrastinate & read and follow beauty and fashion blogs religiously.

But we noticed that often times, much of the fashion / beauty industry and their consumers are viewed in a negative light: it is sometimes portrayed as an industry that feeds off greed, as a waste of money, as an unnecessary, gluttonous luxury. We both disagree: fashion and beauty - in all of its artful, cultural, brilliant glory - can also be an instrument in making the world a better place. The Mere will be dedicated to introducing, reviewing, and discovering fashion and beauty that is not only beautiful but is beneficial to the world, written by jane and myself. Right now it's getting ready for it's debut article but DO check back soon!

All serious talk aside, I am so excited to be able to share my personal outlook and experiences through this blog!!!!!!!! This is a start to something good :)

P.s. - happy new years !!

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