KAFFNY: Come Hang!

As Jane and my joint project, The Meré, suggests, we are both Korean-Americans. While both of us have spent most of our lives in the States, we have both always been greatly interested and influenced by our Korean heritage - in terms of culture, tradition, music, and especially food ;) - and believe that it is important for us to be connected to our roots. So when I discovered KAFFNY - Korean American Film Festival - through a friend who is the part of the team this year, we both signed up immediately to work as volunteers. 

The line-up features over 20 short films and 9 features, of which 6 are premiering at this event. 

Tickets could be purchased at eventbrite where they are being sold for 12$, but 10$ for students and seniors. The prices are a little cheaper your typical NYC movie ticket prices; but instead of just one, you can movie-hop all the cool films available and even come to the afterparties! I'm super excited to be a part of this event as a volunteer on Saturday (June 9th) and hope to see you all there!

KAFF's : Facebook / Twitter / Indiegogo / Home

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