The temperature has been creeping up, and I've woken up the past two mornings ..sweaty. It's safe to say that summer is here! As some of as you may know, I chopped off something like 10-plus inches in January. When I first cut my hair it was so short that I couldn't manage to get it in a ponytail, even, but now it's grown out quite a bit - it's pictured below, me sweating in my room.

In addition to it approaching an awkward length - not short but not long either, and look how my "uneven bob" has grown out into just an uneven... I don't even know - I've been inspired to change up my hair. Curly hair? Blonde? Ombre? Shave a part of it off? These beautiful women and their hair are the reasons why I've been itching to do something:
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Emily Weiss of ITG and her subtle shaved bottom, Vanessa Hong's colorful hair, Raych and her beachy curls, and the cutest girl with the cutest hair/lip color interviewed on ITG a few months back (her picture was one of the pictures that inspired me to cut my hair as well!) 
Definitely will keep you all updated on which (or a combination of?!) style I end up changing my hair to. Hope you all are staying cool!

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